When you are looking for a new doctor, trust is paramount. Nevertheless, an important first step is to find out what doctors are covered by your health insurance plan. This doesn’t have to be a limitation, as many health plans have a special designation for physicians who consistently meet or exceeded the standards of quality in their field.

Find a Doctor the Way Another Doctor Would

If despite carefully choosing a doctor, you believe you or someone you care about has become the victim of medical malpractice, we recommend that you consult with a qualified Chicago medical malpractice attorney. Before deciding on your next medical care provider, you might like to check out the tips below. When doctors are looking for someone to take care of their medical needs, this is how they do it:

Reference Online Reviews (Using Caution)

Despite the fact that retailers and restauranteurs have been utilizing online review sites for years now, the medical community simply has not caught up yet. Therefore, most medical professionals suggest checking out websites like ZocDoc and Healthgrades but take the information you find there with a grain of salt.

Assess the Doctor’s Credentials and Keep an Eye out for Red Flags

A good way to easily check whether or not a doctor is board certified in the area of medicine you are seeing them for is to go online and plug his or her name into the search bar at the American Board of Medical Specialties. In addition to board certification, you will want to make sure the doctor you are considering does not have a lot of malpractice claims,

It’s a doctor’s duty to provide all of their patients with the best possible healthcare, and if a doctor has not done that, you should look elsewhere. Propublica is a nonprofit organization that has compiled a chart that explains how to look up a doctor’s license online and any related disciplinary documents.

Ask Around

One of the best and most reliable ways to find a trustworthy doctor is to consult with family, friends, and other medical professionals that you trust. Ask about the things that are important to you like whether or not the doctor they see is open to answering questions, and how they interact with other members of their staff.

Inquire About Pharmaceutical Reps

During your first visit, you may want to ask how your new doctor feels about drug reps. You don’t want a physician who is going to prescribe certain high-cost, brand name medications simply because their rep has an agenda. You want your doctor to prescribe the best treatment for your individual needs, even if it’s not the current drub being pushed by a pharmaceutical company.

Other Suggestions

The National Institute of Aging recommends scheduling an interview with any prospective doctor. You may incur a charge, but it could help you decide if the doctor is a good fit for your needs. Asking questions about how communication about test results is handled, and what his or her thoughts are in regards to complimentary treatments may be some questions you will want to ask.

During this visit, check out the office dynamic. Observe how the nurses and other support staff interact with patients and doctors. Make sure you feel that it is a comforting and trustful environment.

Lastly, go with your gut. Choosing a doctor is a very personal decision and there is no one more qualified to make the decision than you are.

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