ou are remodeling your home and adding an addition to it. This is an exciting time for you and your family because you have saved money to do all this remodeling for a while and now it is go time.

You have a good contractor to design and add the addition but you decide that in order to update and revitalize the outside of your house you want new siding as well.

The siding contractors in Freehold, NJ you will hire for the job must have vast experience will all types of siding. You need advice on what type of siding will look best on your house.

Your siding contractors in Freehold, NJ should have decades of experience working on houses like yours. You want them to have field related certifications and use the best products available within the siding field.

Once you have chosen the right contractor to do the job, they will need to know how to prepare your home for siding installation.

There are six steps to the process including taking down all shutters and downspouts, apply flashing and install flashing or strapping to assure there is a base for the siding. Also necessary to do when deicide how to prepare your home for siding installation are a few more steps. They are applying a weather resistant sheeting underneath the siding, as well as insulation, and determining a proper baseline for the siding.

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