Roof replacement is an expensive home repair and not something that’s done often. When well-maintained, the average asphalt roof can last upwards of 30 years. Here are some tips to keep one’s residential roofing in Nashville, TN, in its best shape for many years.

Trim Low-hanging Branches

Trees beautify properties, but they can wreak havoc on roofs. When trees are too close to the house, the potential for branches to break and fall onto the roof is high. It doesn’t take a large branch to cause a lot of damage. Small branches can do just as much damage. Contact a tree trimming service to find out about trimming tree limbs back so they’re away from the roof.

Remove Debris from the Roof

A roof’s pitch is designed to prevent standing water, but that doesn’t mean that debris like leaves and sticks can’t get stuck on a roof. These items can clog gutters too, which is an important part of the roofing system. Once a season, remove any debris from the roof to prevent standing water and rot.

Replace Missing Shingles

It’s not unusual for a shingle or two to go missing, especially following a storm or if the roof is a bit older. Homeowners might be tempted to ignore a missing shingle, but this is the worst mistake one can make. Shingles must be in place for the roof to function well. Replacing a single shingle is much cheaper than replacing an entire roof.

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