How to Design and Build a Network That Does Not Rely on Telecom Providers

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Security System & Services

Have you been tasked to design a type of system that will provide secure and efficient interconnectivity throughout a particular company’s vast property? If so, then some of the first things you will likely utilize to set up the network are servers to build a data center. However, the client has asked you to build a system that does not rely on the services that standard telecom companies provide.

Agile Transceivers

Maybe the solution is to utilize radio frequency devices like agile transceivers adrv9009 for your particular application. These types of components can help achieve high modulation accuracy with low noise and the highest dynamic range. It can also provide high-level integration. This means adding this component to the system will help ensure communication remains private and secure without sacrificing accessibility when connecting to the network.

Other Applications That Use This Technology

Agile transceivers can be used in many applications, contributing to the rise of their popularity amongst system engineers. To name a few, you can also utilize these types of devices in applications like macrocell base stations, massive multiple inputs and outputs, active antenna TDD systems, and more.

Where to Buy

Are you now searching for a company that can supply you with the best agile transceivers like the adrv9009 and other RF tech components? If so, look no further than Epiq Solutions. They are a company you can turn to that will understand your needs when it comes to high-quality products and services. So, when searching for the leaders in the industry that can supply you with efficient and effective adrv9009 devices and more, they are the ones to visit. Visit today.

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