One of the biggest challenges you may ever face in your life is finding the right divorce lawyer. You need to ask the right questions to find a divorce lawyer in Tacoma WA that you feel comfortable with and that can handle any of the unique matters that could pop up in your case. If you hire the wrong attorney, you will find that only will you be frustrated, the waste time and a great deal of your money. Going through a divorce is already an intimidating, stressful, and emotional time and you need a lawyer who will be there for you and who makes you feel confident in his or her skills.

Start by Researching Divorce Lawyers

The easiest way to start your search by asking your friends and family for referrals. If you work with an account, know attorneys and other areas of the law, or other professionals you should ask them as well. Once you have two or three names, google them. See if they have published any articles or if they have a legal blog. Contact your State Bar Association to see if the attorney or attorneys you’re considering are in good standing. This may sound like a lot of work, but this is your divorce, one of the most important events in your life and maybe in your children’s as well.

Set Up an Initial Consultation

Once you have decided on a divorce lawyer in Tacoma WA, you should contact his or her office via the phone and request an appointment. One thing you should be very sure to tell them is that you want to talk about divorce proceedings. You can tell a lot about how you may be treated by the way the staff speak to you on the phone. Are they courteous and helpful? If you’re considering divorce proceedings, call the Kevin G. Byrd Attorney & Counselor At Law and schedule a free consultation to discuss your options.