Information is the key when it comes to choosing the best orthodontist in St Augustine for your dental needs. The more you know about the orthodontists you are considering, the better able you’ll be to make the best decisions for your dental care. Start out by asking around for recommendations. Ask your family, friends, coworkers and your general care dentist.

Board Certified

Once you have a list of orthodontists practicing in the St Augustine area, start visiting their websites and checking for reviews on the Internet. Contact the Henry Advanced Orthodontics to make sure that the orthodontists you are considering are board certified. Board certification is one of the ways you have available to you to make sure that the orthodontist you are considering is competent. Board certification requires that an orthodontist meet high standards of education and performance.

Schedule A Consultation Visit

Make a consultation appointment and be sure to gather more information about the orthodontist during that visit. Ask plenty of questions. Find out what dental school your potential orthodontist went to and ask about your candidate’s orthodontic residency program. Inquire about the types of dental work performed in a typical day. Find out how often the orthodontist deals with the type of care you need. Ask specific questions about the orthodontist’s role in your care and, if others will have an active role in your care under the orthodontist’s supervision, find out more about their professional qualifications.

You Have A Right To Know

These are things you have a right to know, so if you find that an orthodontist is impatient with your questions, then perhaps that orthodontist is not going to be the best fit for you. Take your time in making your selection to ensure that you do find the best orthodontist in St Augustine for your specific dental needs.