How To Choose A Heating Specialist

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

When your furnace dies finding someone you can trust to do a repair or furnace installation in Seattle may seem overwhelming. You want to choose a heating specialist with the right credentials to do the work. The easiest place to start looking for someone to do your furnace work is online. You will also want to see if you can find any websites with consumer feedback on any furnace repair recommendations. Also ask family and friends if they have had any experience with a furnace repair person.

Once you have a short list of people who can do repair or furnace installation in Seattle you will want to start making phone calls. The first questions you should ask are if they are licensed and insured. If they can’t say yes to both of those questions you could be taking a big risk by hiring them. You could also call your better business bureau and see if there are any particular heating contractors that have had complaints filed against them. Find a few heating contractors you feel comfortable with and have them provide you with quotes. Unless you are in a desperate situation it will be to your benefit to get more than one opinion and quote for the work you need done. Find out what each heating contractor thinks is wrong with your furnace. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. They should all recognize the same problems. If there is one who says something completely different than all the other contractors, you may not want to hire that person.

Once you have decided who will do the repair or furnace installation in Seattle you will want to get everything in writing. Everything should be spelled out from the parts and equipment that will be replaced to the time frame in which the work will be completed. And most importantly there should be a price. Having everything in writing will help to circumvent any miscommunications that could end in legal action. Also, ask for the old parts that have been replaced. This will insure that the parts were actually replaced and you are not getting charged for things that were not done. As a consumer you need to be diligent.

Take your time, if you can, and do the research. The internet can also give you an idea of what might be wrong with your furnace and what it might take to fix it. Don’t use this information as an absolute but more as a means to educate yourself. At least if you know and understand the terminology you will be better informed to make a decision.


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