How Closed Captioning Services Work

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Business

Closed captioning is becoming more important when you will be broadcasting videos, even when you broadcast them online. This is partially due to additional legislation that has been passed to require closed captioning in certain cases. One day, it may be a requirement for every video. You can jump onto this bandwagon before you are required with the assistance of a company that offers closed captioning services.


The first step in the process of adding closed captioning to a video is to listen to the audio for the video and transcribe it into a text file. This text file will be used to help those who can’t hear to know what is being said on the screen, as well as the background noise. It is important for the person who is transcribing the audio to be as accurate as possible in their typing to avoid any miscommunications through the course of the video.


After the audio has been transcribed into written text, it must be added to the video. This process can be one of the most difficult aspects of the process because it needs to be lined up as closely as possible to the audio so those who use it can follow along with the video. Just like the audio, the closed captioning needs to allow the viewer to connect what is being said with what they see on the screen.


Once the closed captioning services have added the text to the video, it is important to test it out to ensure everything lines up properly. Before providing it to the customer, they should make sure it is working properly as well. If anything isn’t lined up or doesn’t work properly, adjustments should be made. If you receive your video and aren’t happy with the results, you need to contact the closed captioning company as soon as possible so they can fix it for you.

If you are interested in joining the wave of people who are adding closed captioning to their videos, especially those online, you may need the assistance of professional closed captioning services. They are experienced in transcribing the audio into text form and then uploading it so it properly aligns to the video before giving you the final results. The right company will also allow you to view your video with the closed captioning to ensure you are happy with the final results.

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