A homeowner getting a new furnace may be curious about what to expect during the installation. The installation of a new furnace is usually straightforward and can take up to one to two days. However, if the system is large or there are some complications, this may take more time. A homeowner should speak with their HVAC installer to find out how long to expect the furnace installation in Rockford to take.

The First Steps

In order to install the new furnace, the old furnace must come out. The HVAC installers will remove the old furnace. During this time, old wires may be removed, the thermostat may be removed, and cleaning of the area will be completed.

This will usually take a few hours to complete. A homeowner can expect to see a clean space where their existing furnace was. If the thermostat were removed, a new one would be installed before the new furnace is installed. New wiring may also be run at this time.

The next step will be to install the new furnace. The new furnace will be connected to the wiring and thermostat systems. It will then be connected to the ductwork.

Final Step

After the furnace installation in Rockford, the new furnace will be inspected well. The HVAC installers will test for connectivity and turn the unit on to make sure that it works well. The homeowner will then be given instructions on how to operate the unit. For more information, contact Pearson Plumbing & Heating today.