Roughly 5,000 Americans die each year as a result of motorcycle accidents. Many others survive but suffer severe debilitating injuries. These accidents often cause motorcyclists to suffer substantial life issues that permanently change the trajectory of their lives. Here’s why hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, to help you seek justice after a wreck is a good idea.

Deailng With Insurance Companies

Most employees of insurance companies want people who’ve suffered accidents to be justly compensated. However, insurance companies themselves are incentivized to settle quickly and give small settlements to injured accident victims or disqualify them altogether. You may reveal sensitive information to insurance agents if you speak to them before consulting an attorney for help. Having the attorney represent you across all correspondence with insurers is ideal.

Fees Are Excised on a Contingency Basis

Experienced claims adjusters know that personal injury victims often face financial difficulties following their accidents and exploit that fact to settle the case quickly to minimize their potential loss. Personal injury attorneys typically don’t charge clients unless a settlement is collected. Many of them offer free consultations, giving you the freedom to choose the firm you believe is best for your case.

Attorneys Advocate for Fair Treatment on Your Behalf

As referenced above, insurance companies may request information from naive clients to reduce or negate their settlements. Motorcycle accident lawyers in Phoenix, AZ, advocate on your behalf, preventing issues like this and encouraging physicians to closely document your injuries in a way that benefits your case.

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