Hiring a paper shredder in Denver is beneficial to your business for various reasons. In fields such as the healthcare industry, it may be more obvious as they have increased needs for secure disposal with patient documentation. Businesses offering products and services need to have an equally safe means of disposing of their paper trail. In business, customers and employees often fill out personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, telephone numbers, and addresses. Paper displaying sensitive information requires you to take extra precautions in the disposal process.

Protect Your Business

Companies such as XpresShred offer paper shredding services to protect their customers from potential theft and other possible negative outcomes. If you have worked hard developing a business plan, schematics for a new patent, or designing a new product, you may not want it to end up in the wrong hands. A paper shredder in Denver guarantees that this information will be properly disposed of with minimal risk of breach. Documents may include names of business accounts, access codes, and passwords. A hacker and potential criminal would love to have access to all of your business assets.

Protect Your Customers and Employees

Customers and employees often fill out personal identifying information when working with your business. Addresses, birthdays, and phone numbers are all forms of personal information. A hacker can easily use this information to steal someone’s identity and commit fraud. Do you have human resource files? An employee may fill out onboarding paperwork such as extremely private information including their social security number and bank account details. Once an employee leaves, you may just want to toss the file away. This is extremely dangerous as someone can easily steal their identity and access their finances. A paper shredder in Denver will prevent this access by properly disposing of your documents.