Here Are Some Tips for Dealing With Mice in and Around Your Building

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Pest Control

If you are a property owner or renter you know what pests mice can be. The small rodents need only a tiny opening to get into your home. They can chew through drywall and other substances to get to the food, and they tend to leave droppings behind that can carry disease. Keeping mice out of your building completely can be next to impossible, but there are several mice control measures you can take to cut down on the likelihood of an invasion.

Seal All the Entrance Points

One of the best ways to keep mice out is to take away their points of entry. To do that, you need to seal as many cracks and gaps as you can. Start on the ground floor and fill in any cracks in and around buildings with caulk or sealant. You also should ensure that doors and windows fit their frames properly and make sure that devices such as chimney flues are working properly.

Take Away Food Sources

Finding shelter is one of the main reasons mice enter a building. The other is to find food. To help control mice, you need to make sure their food sources are taken away. Any food in your home or business should be in sealed containers. Do not leave any food out in areas that mice can get to, and do not leave unpackaged food in uncovered containers.

Use Pest Control Measures

The only sure way to take care of a mice problem in your building is to use pest control. There are several choices for baits, traps, and other measures. These can help to ensure mice that do get inside are dealt with.

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