Hand Dryer Installation Requirements

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Your electrician can easily complete some hand dryer installation projects in the afternoon. While many electricians don’t mind clients asking questions, it’s safer to steer clear of their workspace during the process.

Safety First
Your electrician will first see to their safety by turning off the electricity to the room where the hand dryers will be located. Once the power is off, he will inspect your dryers and the existing electrical circuitry for safety.

Dedicated Circuits

Actual hand dryer installation begins with running a dedicated electrical circuit. This means that only the dryers draw power from that line, ensuring they never compete with other appliances or fixtures for electricity. Up to three dryers can be run on one circuit. Depending on the number of hand dryers you’re installing, the electrician may need to run multiple circuits.

Testing, Testing
Once installed, your electrician will restore power to the room and test the hand dryers to make sure they work. He or she may try running more than one hand dryer at once to ensure the circuit is up to par. If there are any problems, your electrician will notice it and turn off the power once more to make any needed repairs or adjustments.

Cost Estimate
The installation of a single hand dryer costs between $50 and $150, not including the dryer itself. Every electrician charges a different hourly labor rate. The cost of materials, such as the plug for your hand dryers, wires to run the circuit and any additional upgrades to your existing wiring also add to the price.

Installation Requirements
It’s best to leave hand dryer installation to the pros but knowing what your local electrician does during the install can help give you a better idea of how your dryers work. Most electricians welcome questions, though it’s best to ask them before and after she is actively working. Visit the website for more details.

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