Goodbye Coffee Bars, Hello Cannabis Bars in Millbury, Massachusetts

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Cannabis

For hundreds of years, coffee bars and alcohol bars have been the norm as the place for people to get together and connect. Modern times have changed this, putting coffee and alcohol bars on the back burners. Instead,
adult use cannabis in Millbury, MA is paving the way for the cannabis bar.

It’s less of a “bar” and more of a very comfortable meeting place where only adults may partake of the many cannabis products offered. There are several reasons why a cannabis bar is becoming so popular with adults.

Adults Only

A coffee bar doesn’t restrict parents, single moms, etc., from bringing kids into the coffeehouse. When you just want to relax and enjoy your coffee, you don’t really want kids around. It kind of wrecks the mood. An alcohol bar is often loud and noisy, making it difficult to have a conversation with anyone.

While kids may or may not be present in the alcohol bar (an attached restaurant is a determining factor for kids present), it’s still not an ideal place to meet and talk to people. A cannabis bar is strictly adults, no one under 21 is admitted, and it is quiet enough that people can light up or consume edibles while getting to know someone new.

It’s Usually Quite Classy

Cannabis bars are classy establishments. They are looking to entice a higher level of clientele and customers. They go all out to make their spaces inviting without losing any of the dispensary store properties. Some bars offering adult use cannabis in Millbury also expect customers to follow a dress code!

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