Getting Ready to Enjoy a Spectacular Burger in Springfield MO

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Restaurants

Some believe it was invented in Germany, as the name can be taken to suggest. The reality is, though, that the hamburger is as American of a dish as any other. While it might have roots in the northern part of Germany, the hamburger as it is known today is a thoroughly American invention. Enjoying an especially delicious burger in Springfield MO will reveal that it takes a lot of attention to detail to achieve such heights.

An Interesting History for a Sandwich Almost Everybody Enjoys

There were at least a dozen people who once made credible claims on the invention of the hamburger. A number of these were German immigrants to the United States, and all but a couple were based there during the period in question.

What is mostly clear today is that the hamburger first became a hit right around the turn of the twentieth century. Whether that happened in Connecticut, Wisconsin, Texas, New York, or another country entirely remains a matter in dispute, but culinary historians generally agree on that time frame.

The Perfect Burger Requires a Number of Top-Quality Ingredients

The first hamburgers which were known as such tended to be particularly simple affairs. Over time, additions like leaves of lettuce and slices of cheese and tomato started to become a lot more common.

When ordering a burger in Springfield MO, it will almost always be possible to add or subtract such toppings as desired. Given that, a hamburger worthy of the name will need to include at least:

  • An all-beef patty: Many restaurants serve burgers made from chicken or even plant-based proteins. There is nothing wrong with that, but a true hamburger should be made from beef. Ground chuck is probably the most common choice, but cuts like round and sirloin are also popular. One of the most important features of any hamburger patty is that it contains enough fat to remain juicy after cooking.
  • A high-quality bun: The bun that a hamburger patty sits on can be nearly as important as the beef itself. There are many types of buns that can be used for this purpose, but those that could stand on their own tend to serve it the best.

Visit our website and it will be seen that some exceptional burgers are available in Springfield. As perhaps the best-known hot sandwich of all, the hamburger deserves all the attention it gets.

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