One of the most popular furniture trends in the modern-day workplace has been the acquisition of adjustable furniture, especially in the form of desk spaces. This is primarily due to new research pointing out the dangers of long-term sitting by the average worker in terms of long-term physical health. Work that requires hours of sitting in place for long periods has been shown to negatively affect the circulatory system, blood sugar levels, contribute to obesity, and more. To counteract these issues, standing desks and platforms have been made available by many vendors. Still, there are health issues that also arise with constant standing, especially standing in place. For this reason, it is considered ideal for workers to combine the acts of sitting, standing, and occasionally moving throughout the day. To accomplish this with the least amount of furniture, having a single piece of desk furniture that can adjust from sitting to standing height is ideal. To that end, having an electric office desk, specifically an electric desk that works with up and down switches, is the most simple and effective solution for most employees. This requires little to no physical exertion to operate and takes up less space than hand-cranked options.

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