Four Factors to Consider When Choosing ECU Off-Campus Apartments

by | Apr 24, 2023 | Student Housing Center

ECU off-campus apartments provide an excellent opportunity for students to live off-campus. ECU offers many properties where you can rent an apartment or room in an apartment complex close to campus. These apartments are just about everywhere, but there are some things students should consider before moving out to one of these rentals.

These factors will help you choose an incredible ECU off-campusapartment and make your move-out experience as hassle-free as possible.

1. Location The location of your off-campus apartment is critical to a successful move-in. You want to choose an apartment close enough to all your significant classes but far enough away to avoid paying the high rent price in or around campus.

2. Price Price is the second factor to consider when choosing an off-campus apartment. You want to choose an apartment that allows you to pay a reasonable price to live close enough to campus but far enough that you won’t be disturbed by a daycare or other noise from people next door.

3. Maintenance and Safety These are two critical areas of safety and maintenance that are also very important in choosing an off-campus rental. You will want to know that the yard is well-maintained and has a sound sprinkler system. Be sure to find a landlord or manager who is reachable by phone if you have any questions or concerns.

4. Amenities and Extras When considering an apartment complex, check out the amenities provided by the complex and see if they are offered at a reasonable rate.

ECU off-campus apartment living is a great way to achieve a more affordable housing alternative. You should research your options carefully and consider the factors mentioned in this article before deciding. Living close to campus can be helpful in many ways, but you must determine whether the peace of mind of living off campus is worth the additional cost. Contact Copper Beech at Greenville apartments if you have any questions.

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