Foot Injuries and Illnesses That Can Be Made Better With Prompt Treatment

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Health

The health of your feet is critical to your everyday routine. You count on these parts of your body to be free from pain and stiffness that can limit your mobility.

When you suffer from injuries or illnesses to your ankles, toes, or other parts of your feet, you need to seek prompt treatment from a foot doctor in Chatham. This medical professional can address an array of common yet painful foot conditions.


Neuropathy is a common ailment from which people with diabetes suffer. It affects their ankles and feet primarily. It is accompanied by symptoms ranging from heat and hot flashes to prickling sensations and severe pain.

Diabetes causes neuropathy because of the damage that the illness inflicts on the nerves of the lower extremities. Someone with severe neuropathy can find it difficult to walk, let alone maintain his or her balance. He or she could even become confined to a wheelchair.

It can be treated, however, with pain medications that block the signals to the nerves in your feet. If you are diagnosed with neuropathy, you could find long-lasting relief by seeking treatment from a foot doctor in Chatham.


A foot doctor can also treat you proficiently for fractures that occur in your foot and ankle. Once the cast comes off your foot, your foot doctor can take over your care, making sure that the break has healed all of the ways and that it does not develop arthritis.

Continued foot care can be especially important if you are a diabetic. Diabetics must take good care of their feet to prevent festering wounds and serious illnesses like gangrene.

You can find out more about going to a foot doctor online. Contact Mitchell Foot & Ankle to schedule your appointment or to get more details about your care.

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