Find the Perfect Chocolate Hearts for Any Occasion

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping

Chocolate hearts aren’t as popular as chocolate kisses, but they are every bit as sweet and precious. They add an unexpected element to decorations and party favors that might be the perfect touch to complement your guests’ personalities. Use them for weddings, Sweet 16s and more. Most Important Is the Taste Kids can forgive wonky designs, neon wrappers and chocolates that are cracked or have dents. They cannot accept chalky, gritty or weak-tasting chocolate. Products should be made with a high-quality chocolate product, such as Belgian chocolate. For especially large orders, it’s essential to get a sample so you invest in the right company the first time around. Storage is also important to preserving the taste of chocolate. Most varieties will keep from eight months to a year in a cool, dry place. Fridge and freezer storage should only be attempted for short periods of time in air-tight storage bags. Chocolate absorbs the odors of other foods; those odors can affect taste. Likewise, freezing can change the chocolate’s consistency, giving it a chalky white appearance and similar taste. All the Colors of the Rainbow Where chocolate hearts are appropriate, so – usually – are colorful candy wrappers. These fun little party favors can add flair to your decorations at an affordable cost. Sometimes when ordering in bulk, you have to stick to one major color. Calling the store versus completing your order online might help with price and selection. Popular chocolate heart colors include pink and blue, silver and gold, and pastels. Choosing a Shape There are several ways for creating these pleasing shapes. Some hearts are flat discs cut out of chocolate ovals, similar to sugar cookie designs. This process leaves a flat sheet of chocolate behind. Others create a 3D heart shape which comes from a mold. The shape of the heart usually doesn’t affect the chocolate taste. Organizing any party takes a keen eye for details that seamlessly mesh with the theme and don’t drain the budget. Chocolate hearts are a perfect fit! Armed with high-quality product, a safe place for storage, a variety of wrapper options and shapes that turn out the way they’re supposed to look, your chocolate party favors will add to the fun. You can easily integrate them into desserts or decorations and then sit back and watch sweet memories be shared by everyone.

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