Find Out How to Do Dewatering the Right Way in Van Vleck, TX

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Waste Management Service

Dewatering is not as complicated as it sounds. Basically, it involves a control measure that counteracts the presence of groundwater. Dewatering does this by pumping out water in the area that will be affected by new construction. Although the process is simple to understand, there are some very specific steps that need to take place. See how dewatering is done to prepare sites for construction.

A Look at Sump Pumping

Sump pumping is said the be dewatering in its simplest form. To perform this, the water is allowed to seep into the targeted site. Usually, it will enter a hole or ditch in the ground. This is usually referred to as the sump. Next, the water is pumped out using specially designed pumps. The water is then transferred to a septic dewatering container for further disposal.

Why Pre-Drainage Is Important

Many different problems can occur when carrying out a dewatering job. First, seepage into the excavation site can cause a dangerous situation. Seepage can destroy the stability of the surrounding land. Thus, it is important to perform pre-drainage, or the act of lowering groundwater before the excavation takes place.

Methods for Pre-Draining

There are several different ways to perform pre-drainage. These include using wellpoints, deep wells, horizontal wells and eductors. To choose the right technique, you must carefully analyze the physical characteristics of the land. It is a bad idea to rush and start pumping water into a dewatering container. You need a formal plan to be successful.

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