Homeowners who find skunks in or around their home will want to make sure they look into skunk removal in Columbus OH as soon as possible. Skunks can be a nuisance and can damage the property. They can also spread diseases, so having them removed quickly is a good idea. Below are answers to some of the common questions people have about skunk removal.

Why is it Necessary to Remove Skunks?

Skunks can dig up and damage the yard, ruining the grass while they search for grubs to eat. They can also carry diseases that can be spread to humans. If they are cornered, skunks will also release a foul smell that is difficult to get rid of. This is especially a concern to those who have pets that may want to chase the skunks.

What Should be Done if a Skunk Gets Inside the Home?

If a skunk gets inside the home, open doors and windows to encourage the animal to go back outside if possible. If the skunk is trapped in the walls or cannot find its way back outside, make sure a professional is called right away. The experts can quickly and safely remove the skunk from the home before the it is damaged further or anyone is hurt.

How Are the Skunks Trapped?

Skunks will be trapped using a live trap. Safe traps are used to minimize the potential for the skunk to be injured or killed. Bait is often used to encourage the skunk to enter the trap. Once the skunk is trapped, it can be removed from the property.

Where are the Skunks Released?

The skunks will be relocated to an area where they can live in without being too close to homes. They will not be released on the property or close to it, as it’s likely they’ll try to make their way back to the property.

If you’ve noticed skunks damaging your property, getting too close to your home, or inside your home, call for professional skunk removal in Columbus OH as soon as possible. Visit Wildlife Control Company Inc now to learn more about their services or to get help with the skunks near your home.