Just like with any other part of your house, the roof will eventually need repair or total replacement. If you aren’t sure if you need it right now or not, here are some tips on what to look for in the event you need roof repair Charleston SC.

Check The Shingles

When checking for roof trouble, the shingles are the most obvious place to look. Shingles should look exactly as when they were first laid down, overlapped, and in great condition. If they are cracked or otherwise broken, or curled up, they will certainly need replacing. If they are missing entirely, then they obviously need to be replaced. Beyond that, check the shingles for any sort of water damage. When moisture gets trapped underneath them, that means they are not doing their job of keeping out rain. This will also lead to server damage if the problem is not corrected immediately.

Check The Gutters

When you are cleaning the gutters, it helps to pay close attention to what you are actually cleaning out of them. Leaves and other yard-type waste are typical. However, if there are grains of composite material or small chunks of asphalt, it is an indication that the shingles are wearing away and need to be replaced with new ones and may need additional roof repair Charleston SC.

If you think that your roof needs repair, please contact Pioneer Roofing at pioneerroofingsc.com. They will come to your house and assess the situation so that they can properly repair the problem.