Expert Tips On Antique Rug Restoration in New York City

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Rugs

Antique rugs are a welcome and gorgeous addition to any home. However, because of their age, the rugs require quite a bit of care and maintenance. Here are some tips on how to best care for the antique rugs decorating the home.

Rotate The Rugs

Many experts state the rugs should undergo rotation no matter where they are in a home. Other experts feel they only need to be rotated if they are in a high-traffic area. To be on the safe side, it is probably best to move them to a different spot every year or two to avoid any damage caused by foot traffic. Rotation will also aid in the prevention of unnecessary Antique Rug Restoration in New York City. Restoration should only occur if the rug is post-1800. Rugs older than this tend to be too frail to stand up to conventional restoration methods.

Avoid The Sun

Sunlight will eventually fade the colors in the rug. To avoid any premature fading, try to block the sun from hitting the rug as much as possible. If the prevention of sunlight shining on the rug is not feasible, use the rotation method described above to at least make sure the fading occurs uniformly.

Take Care Of The Fringe

A simple method of Antique Rug Restoration in New York City, which can be performed by oneself, is to detangle the fringes on the border of the rug. Over time, this fringe will become tangled. Never try to comb out these tangles, as doing so can damage the fibers of the rug. Shake out the rug very gently so the tangles can naturally detangle themselves. This method will need to be performed more than once over some time. The rug may also be flipped end over end to help detangle the fringe.

Browse our website for more facts and tips about rug restoration. A member of the customer service team can also answer any questions a curious rug owner may have. Don’t let the antique rug beautifying the home fall into disrepair. Take the time to contact the experts for antique and vintage rug restoration today.

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