Expert Duck Hunting Services in Arkansas Give Tips on Finding a Downed Bird

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Travel

Have you ever been duck hunting, shot a duck as it flew over your head and then never been able to find where it landed when it fell to the ground? If so, you’re not alone. Finding a downed duck isn’t the easiest thing to do and, at times, it’s nearly impossible. But your expert duck hunting services in Arkansas want to help you with that problem. Here are some tips to help you find that downed duck so you can take it home for dinner next time.

Be Patient
Inexperienced duck hunters often get excited when they finally shoot a duck out of the sky. There’s nothing wrong with getting excited – after all, it takes skill to shot a flying duck. But that excitement can lead to you losing the bird. As soon as you see it falling, stand still and make a mental note of the exact spot where you are standing. This is going to be a reference point for your search. Put something in the spot that will be visible, such as your hunting cap, a bag or something that you can easily find. If you have a partner with you, have them stand there and they can guide your direction.

Stay Focused on the Direction of the Shot
Once you start walking in the direction where the duck fell, stay focused on that direction. Your expert duck hunting services in Arkansas suggest that you refrain from looking around because you could easily change your course without even realizing it. As you start getting closer to where you think the duck is, look for feathers floating in the breeze. This will help you get a sense of the general area where you will find the downed duck.

Use Your Senses
As a hunter, you should hone your senses. You can’t always rely on just your vision, but you’ll also need to rely on your sense of hearing and sometimes your sense of smell. When searching for a downed bird, your duck hunting services in Arkansas experts suggest listening for signs of an injured duck. You might hear its wings flailing about or other signs that it is in trouble. Learn to trust your hearing and follow the sound so you can find what you’re looking for quicker and easier.

Bring Your Best Friend
If you have a bird dog, bring it along to help you with your hunting success. Bird dogs have a sense about them which makes it easy for them to find downed ducks and other game. When you work with your dog as a team, you can find downed ducks wherever they may lie so you can spend more time hunting for more ducks and less time trying to find the ones that you have shot.

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