Essential guidelines for proper diabetic foot care in Jacksonville, FL

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Healthcare

Diabetes foot care is an essential practice that should be done daily by diabetic individuals to avoid foot complications. The good thing is that these practices are easy to carry out and do not require a professional trainer. With the following guidelines, you will find diabetic foot care in Jacksonville, FL quite easy and worth the time.

Choose Right Footwear

First and foremost, it’s important you choose the right kind of footwear. Don’t choose shoes whose sole is made of hard rubber, which can easily cause cuts and calluses. Instead, opt for shoes that are made up of soft materials such as canvas, rubber, or double-layered materials.

Wash and Dry Your Feet Daily

Cleanliness is an important aspect to have proper diabetic foot care in Jacksonville. This can be easily achieved by washing your feet with mild soap and water and drying them with a clean towel. You should wash your feet morning and night, especially after getting out of bed.

Properly Cut Your Toenails

The other thing you should do is take good care of your toenails. Always make sure that your toenails are properly trimmed. To avoid cutting your skin, you can soak the nails in water to make them soft before cutting them with a pair of clippers.

Avoid Walking Barefoot

When you are diabetic, it is important to avoid walking barefoot, especially at home or when you are in your workplace. It is advised that you wear your shoes, socks, or slippers to protect your feet from injuries or bad weather.

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