Enjoy a Stress-Free Relocation with the Right Moving Crew

by | May 23, 2019 | Moving Services

Going on a long-distance move is a lot of work. Here are tips to ensure you have a stress-free moving experience.

Hire movers

If you have any plans to DIY the move, ditch them now. Hiring movers to handle loading and unloading your boxes and furniture can take a lot off your shoulders-literally.

Know what you need

Not all crews are equipped and licensed to provide assistance for clients who are moving a good bit of distance away. Look for long-distance movers in CT instead. Make sure the firm has a USDOT number.

Understand the fees

Know how the fees work, The Spruce says. While you can expect to pay more-the further the distance covered during transport, the higher the fees are likely to be-the firm may tack on additional charges. Ask about that so you won’t need to pay more than you need to.

Check out complaints

Look for reviews and feedback before you hire a team of long-distance movers inCT. Does the team have plenty of good or bad reviews? If there are quite a lot of complaints lodged against the firm or its service contractors, then that’s a bad sign.

Read the FAQs

Find out the details when you hire the firm. Read through its FAQ section. Don’t forget to check out the terms and conditions of service.

Know their limitations

Moving companies often have a list of items they won’t transport, which often include money, pets and high-value items. The rule of thumb to follow is if you don’t want to lose it, then keep it with you when you relocate.

Ask questions

Before you hire a firm, ask questions, especially if there are conditions or clauses you don’t quite understand. Clear any of these up before you hire a moving firm.

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