Say your loved one’s final wish was to be cremated, and now you oversee the final arrangements. Just one problem: You have no experience with cremation services. Start with the cost. Sure, you’ve heard cremation is generally less expensive than a traditional burial service but is that still true?

What’s Included in the Cremation Cost?

Cremation costs in Hayward typically include the actual cremation process, the body’s preparation, equipment use, and the urn. However, additional services like a viewing or memorial may add to the final cost. Different types of urns could cost more. Something else to ask about: are interest-free payment options available?

What’s Included in the Cost of a Traditional Burial Service?

Traditional burial services typically require a casket, gravesite, vault or liner, and a headstone or marker. You also have the funeral service to account for, which can vary in price depending on the location, type of service, and many other factors. A full-service funeral, for example, will cost more than a direct burial with no services.

What is the Overall Cost Difference?

The difference varies widely and depends on your location and specific services. Generally speaking, though, cremation is typically less expensive than a traditional burial service. A simple cremation, for example, can cost thousands of dollars less than a traditional funeral with a viewing and burial.

While cremation can be the less expensive option, it ultimately depends on your chosen services. Whether it’s honoring your loved one’s wishes, preserving their memory, or just trying to keep costs down a bit, make sure you take the time to carefully review your options with a cremation service provider. Either way, both types of services are a respectful, honorable way to say goodbye to your loved one.

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