A direct jet UV printer is a flatbed printer that directly deposits images and texts on an amazing array of media. The direct jet UV printer does two things at one time, it deposits the ink than dries the ink with UV lights after it is printed. This process means that there is no additional processing once the image has been transferred to the substrate

Print on Flat or 3D Substrates

You can print directly on flat mediums like plates, canvas, slabs of wood, metal signs and more or you can print on 3D object like golf balls, glasses and more. This printing application allows you to print by directly depositing the ink to the item and to do it quickly.

Zero Cure Time

UV printers offer the amazing opportunity to print to a wide range of media without having to wait for cure time. This process can:

  • Speed up production
  • Reduce manpower time
  • Increase quality results
  • Give you more leeway when it comes to creativity

Being able to quickly and easily directly print to many different substrates without having to wait for cure times or add additional chemicals can enhance how you do business. Of course, this will also give you the capabilities to vary your range of printed goods and offer easy customization options to customers.

Quality Results in Half the Time

Getting quality results with the right printer in half the time other image transfer images take means that you can have more time to improve your product line and delivery. BES Jet helps small business, medium sized business, hobbyist and industrial users get the quality printers that they need. Choose BES Jet for your printing needs and join the customers around the globe that have chose BES Jet printers!