Custom Inductors for Your Business

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Transformers and Inductors

Does your business rely on inductors? If so, you may have special needs, and custom inductors can provide solutions to your problems. Here is more about the electronic devices and some reasons you may want to think about a manufacturer supplying custom services.

Why Inductors?
An inductor is a coil of wire which can store electromagnetic energy. This energy is proportional to the turns of wire in the coil.

Inductors Vs. Capacitors

Both capacitors and inductors can store energy. Capacitors can store energy for a very long time until it is discharged. However, inductors only store energy while power is supplied to the circuit. They work well in power switching devices. For example, when your laptop switches from 120 volts to 19-volt battery power, an inductor is used.


Inductors can eliminate electromagnetic interference in circuits. They can create isolation transformers and filter circuits when used with resistors and capacitors. When you pull up to a traffic light, an inductor senses your metal vehicle and makes adjustments.

Custom Inductors

You may wish to use custom inductors for several reasons. For instance, if your application takes higher or lower voltages than normal, you may need something to fit your specific applications.

Smaller is Better

Many devices and applications today are smaller and lighter than others. In some case, you might need inductors made to fit your products, especially if they are small. Standard inductors may not work, but you can turn to a manufacturer offering custom made services.

Choosing the Best Source for Custom Inductors

Not all inductor applications are the same. When you choose a manufacturer, go with a company having many years of experience. Make sure they have a reputation for producing quality materials at affordable prices. They should specialize in devices like transformers, inductors, and chokes. If you need new products, choose a service offering prototyping and engineering.

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