When you purchase a car, you expect that you can depend on it to get you and your family from one point to another with ease. Unfortunately, there are some dealerships and private sellers who aren’t forthcoming with all the details about vehicles that are sold. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you purchase a vehicle that is considered a lemon.


There is a certain amount of time that is considered where the Delaware Lemon Law is concerned. You must file a claim within three years after the defect occurred. There is no time limit regarding the time frame for the number of attempts that it could take to repair the vehicle once you make a complaint.


If you enjoy driving the car that you purchase, then you can usually get it repaired instead of getting your money back as a part of the lemon law details in the state. The repairs should be made during the warranty period or within a year after the first purchase of the vehicle.

Who is Covered?

A component of the Delaware lemon law is that you are covered if you are the purchaser and there is not a direct plan to resell it after it’s purchased. You are also covered if there is an issue that occurs when a warranty over the vehicle has been expressed during the sales process. Vehicles that are not protected include motorcycles and those that are used as a living facility.

If you believe that you’ve purchased a lemon instead of a dependable vehicle, contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center for more information about how to proceed with an attorney.