If you are looking for a vascular surgeon, there are a few things that you should ask potential surgeons and include in your research. For example, you want a vascular surgeon in Phoenix, AZ, who is a board certified. There are websites you can visit that allow you to check if surgeons have received certification by the American Board of Surgery. Also, you should know that vascular surgeons who have received the best training have received certification from the Vascular Surgery Board.

As you interview potential surgeons, find out about their experience. You want someone who has performed the surgery you need many times. Don’t be timid when asking about the outcomes they have had with the surgeries they have performed.

A good vascular surgeon in Phoenix, AZ, will have a solid reputation. Their reputation will hold with patients and the medical community. A good place to start when it comes to finding a vascular surgeon is with your primary care physician. After they give a recommendation, ask why they feel the surgeon is qualified. See if you can get any first-hand stories from coworkers or friends if they have had a vascular surgery in the past and know a good surgeon.

While this is not the most important factor, you also want to consider the personality of the surgeon. You want to feel comfortable with this individual when discussing your condition and treatment options.

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