According to reports published by “Everything about Concrete” until 1990, more than 37 components were added and removed in what we know as present day concrete. Out of these, 11 components are must-haves for concrete. Similarly, certain components have come to be known as an integral part of concrete crack repair.

Things to look for in Concrete crack repair Here are some major components of concrete crack repair:

  • Bonding strength: The problem with any kind of repair solutions is that they lose bonding strength. Researches show that in a typical concrete slab, the tensile strength varies from 2,500-to-4,000 psi. While a traditional cold joint only has strength of 1500-1800 psi, advanced crack repair solutions have the ability to withstand pressures up to 3600 psi. Certain products even boost strength above 4500 psi strength levels.
  • Readymade solution: More often than not, people look for readymade solutions so that they do not have to prepare. This reluctance may be due to lack of knowledge and ease of application. The solution or the product to be used for any kind of concrete crack repair should have all the necessary components. Most products come ready-to-use, while others may require addition of water so that it can be filled in the crack. There is no point getting a solution that requires adding cement, sand and gravel, as it will be subject to human errors, such as addition of extra water or less quantities of cement.
  • Easy to apply: Ease of application is yet another quality that a concrete crack repair product must possess. Since cracks are small and uneven with loose particles at the end, it may be hard to repair. Hence, products in liquid form are the best, as they can be filled into the cracks directly.
  • Quick drying: Concrete crack repair products should not take hours to dry up. However, the quick drying factor should not mean that the patch become brittle soon. Also, the settling time should be longer, such that it can be worked with. Having very little dry time may force the user to rush through the repair, increasing the risk of errors.
  • Light on pocket: Finally, the cost of repair must be easy on the pocket and affordable, yet not just a temporary solution. It should continue to hold the structure together along with maintaining the texture of the repaired surface. The joint should not get loose, withering away with time as fine gravel. An affordable concrete crack repair system does not have to be a temporary fix that only sits on the crack. The long term costs of such repairs should not be high.

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