Comprehensive Waste Disposal Services in Lima Ohio

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Business

Bluffton Aeration Services provides waste disposal services Lima Ohio residents need, such as full service aeration, septic tank cleaning and drain cleaning for commercial and residential clients. For 40 years, we have been a friendly face in the field of waste management.

Residential Waste Disposal

Residential waste disposal services Lima Ohio customers can request include septic tank cleaning, tank installation, pumping, real estate evaluations, and restoration of leach beds. Our company can also install grinder pumps, specifically the E One environmental grinder pump. Depending on a waste management company to maintain and clean your septic tank is important to preserve the quality of your home’s drinking water and avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Industrial Waste Management

Commercial and municipal customers can take advantage of our industrial waste management services. We perform video inspections for pipelines, soil removal through hydro excavation and maintenance of waste treatment plants. If our technicians find any issues during a pipeline inspection, they’ll assess the problem and discuss possible solutions with you. Our company also deals with grease traps. Through drain line cleaning and preventive maintenance, the need for frequent repairs is reduced.

Drain Cleaning

Bluffton Aeration Services cares about the environment, which is why our company has obtained an EPA certification. When we clean residential and commercial drains, we use high pressure jets. Our technicians clean the car wash pits and use the trench-less technique for pipe replacement. Additionally, our company can perform root removal and smoke detection to ensure the safety of the surrounding area.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a septic or drainage problem, but you’re unsure of the cause, call us to understand your options. Signs that you need to call an experienced waste management company are an unpleasant odor and blocked plumbing. Contact Bluffton Aeration Services at Visit the website

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