Common Performance Car-Tuning Projects Done in Tempe, Arizona

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Automotive

Most cars are built to be as reliable and economical as possible. Performing upgrades will change how a car feels as you drive and how it behaves. Here are a few of the most common upgrades that are made.

Reprogramming the Electronic Control Unit

Performance tuning the electronic control unit is beneficial when a person wants to avoid mechanical issues, like a rough engine idle, or the check engine light flashing. After visiting a performance car tuning in Tempe, AZ to reprogram the ECU, the control unit will understand that significant changes have been made to the torque or horsepower of the vehicle. The ECU can be reprogrammed to modify gear ratios to allow faster shifting in automatic transmissions.

Upgrading the Transmission

Kits can be used at a performance car tuning in Tempe, AZ, to help standard drivers reduce the time it takes to shift gears, which will increase acceleration. Upgrades can also be made to the clutch that will help the transmission deal with higher horsepower and engine torque.

Higher-Quality Tires and Rims

When it comes to car-tuning, nothing will make a standard vehicle look more attractive than a nice set of tires and rims. In addition to improving the appearance of the vehicle, the right set of tires and rims can improve the overall responsiveness of the vehicle. Since aftermarket rims are often lighter and wider, they will better grip the road because they can accommodate more rubber.

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