While people living in the Aubun area may not need the use of their air conditioner, the condition of a residential air conditioning system is still going to be important. There are plenty of times over the late spring and summer months where the city of Auburn and the surrounding areas have to endure some significantly warm temperatures. That’s why it’s important to make sure a person’s Air Conditioning in Auburn WA is working as efficiently as possible.

Many times, the best way to ensure the air conditioning system is working as it should is by providing the unit with a bit of preventative maintenance. Whether the system is a forced-air system, heat pump, or geothermal unit, the return vent for the system is going to be crucial for getting the proper amount of airflow into the unit. However, if a return vent filter is extremely dirty, it can greatly limit the amount of air that comes into a system, and this can limit its ability to cool the inside of a home. In addition, this dirt and debris can pass through the filter and build up on the cooling coils, especially if the filter is significantly clogged.

By changing the filter at least once a month, depending on how often the system is used, and by routinely cleaning the cooling coils, the system will be apt to work much more efficiently and will better cool the home. However, there are instances where routine maintenance won’t be enough and professional repair will be needed. If the system isn’t pushing out cool enough air, this could be a sign of a system that has low refrigerant levels. This means the system needs to be recharged and checked for refrigerant leaks. Sometimes, limit switches will need to be replaced, as this can result in an outside compressor unit running while the inside air handler unit won’t turn on.

The fact is, this barely scratches the surface of potential problems that can occur with Air Conditioning in Auburn WA. If your system is showing any one of these issues or hasn’t been looked over in a while, it may be important to contact a professional repair service to inspect your system and make any necessary repairs.