Choosing the best property management company in South Bay CA

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Real Estate

In most cases, property management is unregulated.  Most states demand that a property manager have a real estate broker’s license but little else.  This lack of control leaves the door wide open for less than scrupulous individuals to enter.  It is not only the unscrupulous, but at times, it is a well-meaning realtor whose experiences are with buying and selling property, not managing it.
Local knowledge and expertise: It will provide you no benefit to have someone other than a local to manage your properties.  No one but a local knows the competitive rental rates based on property and location.  A manager with local knowledge knows exactly where to market the property, and they are have intimate knowledge if all the Local and State regulations that govern rental property.

1. Fair price:  There are the unscrupulous characters out there who will offer you rock bottom fees; however, you get what you pay for.  A discounted fee will usually mean poorer quality tenants, higher turnover, higher maintenance, and higher eviction rate.  Dealing with less than the best can rapidly change you from a landlord to a slumlord.  The right property manager will cost a bit more, but the differences in performance are like day and night.

2. Strong marketing strategy:  When one of your properties become vacant; you want it filled with a reliable tenant as quickly as possible.  Your property management company in South Bay, California should have a ready-made marketing plan in place that allows your property to be advertised everywhere at once.  Online listings, local papers, and billboard signs all should be part of the strategy.

3. Cost conscious maintenance:  The larger the property management company, the bigger the stick they carry.  This stick is used to demand the best possible price from service contractors and repairmen.  To further reduce the maintenance costs, periodic inspections of the property should occur.  It costs less to fix a small problem than a large one.  A combination of low costs and a sharp eye will keep maintenance expense in check.

4. Transparent reporting:  Every detail of your property must be logged.  Every dollar spent and all rental revenue, along with copies of new leases and repair logs, should be accessible through a web portal the owner can easily get into on-demand.

5. Fast disbursements: As an owner, you want your money as soon as possible.  Look for a company that has a record of fast disbursement and uses a direct electronic deposit.

The demands of the rental market are such that in order to do your portfolio justice, you need the services of the best property management company in South Bay CA.  When looking for the best management company, follow these few hints, and you will not go wrong.

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