Child Custody Changes Long Island 101

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Child custody changes Long Island are often needed when one party has chosen not to comply with previous custody arrangements. Not everyone visits the courts and has a judge rule on child custody from the beginning. Some people choose to create an arrangement that works for both parties and abide by that schedule. Often this works out for both parties and the children. Other times, one party fails to comply with the agreement which is when child custody changes Long Island come into play. This is when it’s time to find a family law attorney experienced with child custody changes. With this professional on your side, you will see how easy it is to create new arrangements with your former partner. This may be done in mediation or in the court system.

Mediation For Child Custody
In mediation, you will discuss new child custody plans. It will be a new method of splitting time spent with the children that better accommodates both parties’ schedules. In some cases, if an agreement cannot be reached in mediation, either party can choose to file paperwork to move things to the court system. This will give the power to a judge and he or she will decide how to go about dividing time spent with the children.

In either case, your attorney will present a plan that works for you and those terms may be negotiated on. This is expected and should not intimidate you. You never know what can play out in a child custody battle which is why it’s important to have proper representation that is qualified and experienced to help you get the parental rights you deserve.

Will a Child Custody Lawyer Change Things?
In many cases, a letter from a family law attorney is enough to make a person begin abiding by the initial custody agreement.
Child custody changes happen all of the time. Never feel you are stuck in a situation where you don’t have a choice who your child is spending time with or how often. The courts will decide which parent is most fit for primary custody or if the parents are suited for joint custody based on past actions, income, resources and quality of home life. While you may want to leave the courts out of the debacle, the truth is, this is sometimes the easiest way to have peace of mind and ensure your former partner abides by the law.

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