Certified Fire Door Inspector Personnel in Illinois Must Provide These Checks Per NFPA

by | May 8, 2019 | Safety Equipment Supplies

The fire rated doors important when it comes to protecting human life and property in a structure. When these doors are properly located and installed, they can save lives from the danger of a spreading fire. As well, they can help prevent smoke and toxic fumes from infiltrating certain areas. In order to ensure fire doors have been installed properly and are operating correctly, it is necessary to utilize the services of a certified fire door Inspector. Illinois businesses and organizations can benefit from the work of a knowledgeable and experienced inspector of these important fire safety doors.

The NFPA in its requirements for fire resistant rated doors and frame assemblies requires annual inspections of these doors.

There are a number of items a certified fire door Inspector is required to verify at a minimum, according to NFPA

  • The door and frame surfaces show no signs of holes or breaks
  • The frame, hinges, hardware, door and noncombustible threshold are aligned and secured properly with no evidence of damage, and appear to be operating correctly
  • Edge seals and gasketing are inspected to validate their integrity
  • Door clearances given in 4.8.4 and 6.31 regarding the 3/4” maximum clearance under the bottom of the door and 1/8” maximum at the edges and top respectively are not exceeded at the edge of the door or the doorframe, on the pull side of the door
  • The door appears to have no broken or missing parts
  • Glazing, glazing beads, and vision light frames are secure, intact, and connected in place
  • Field modifications which would negate the label have been carried out on the door assembly
  • The door latching hardware functions correctly and secures the door properly when it is closed
  • There have been no installations of auxiliary hardware that interfere with the proper operation with the door or frame
  • If a coordinator is present, the inactive leaf closes prior to the active leaf closing
  • The active door closes completely when operated from the full open position

According to NFPA 80, a certified fire door Inspector is required to inspect fire door assemblies and conduct testing of the door on an annual basis – this includes providing a signed written record of the fire door inspection.

If you are searching for a certified professional to inspect your fire door assemblies in Illinois, contact an experienced fire protection company today serving the state.

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