Buying an Auto Insurance Policy in Tucson, AZ

by | May 27, 2020 | Business, insurance, Insurance Agent

In Arizona, the law states that any individual with a vehicle registered in their name must purchase insurance. They must fulfill the standard minimum or face administrative or criminal penalties. All drivers who need help with the acquisition of these policies can acquire advice from insurance brokers. The details below explain vital factors associated with buying an auto insurance policy in Tucson, AZ.

Standard Auto Coverage Required

The standard for auto coverage that is required in Arizona is $30,000 for the first injury or fatality. The policy requires a maximum of $60,000 that pays out if there was more than one victim in the accident. Property destruction coverage must be valued at no less than $25,000.

Understanding the Penalties for No Insurance

Any driver that doesn’t have auto insurance in the state of Arizona will be penalized. Currently, the punishment for no insurance coverage is SR-22 certification. The auto owner will pay $250 each year for a period of three years to acquire these certificates. If they fail to acquire the certificates as ordered by the court, they face a driver’s license suspension, impoundment of their vehicle, and revocation of their registration. They are required to pay all renewal fees that applied after their suspension has concluded.

How Can Additional Coverage Help

If the driver acquires underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, it acts as a safety net. In the event that they are involved in an accident, these policies will provide additional coverage for medical expenses and repair costs. The coverage begins when it is determined that the at-fault driver doesn’t have coverage or doesn’t have enough coverage to present enough funds for these expenses.

What to Do When an Accident Occurs?

The driver must contact law enforcement and their insurer. Law enforcement officers must identify the at-fault driver and acquire medical assistance for injured parties. The owner’s insurer can complete an inspection of their vehicle and start an accident claim.

In Arizona, auto insurance laws enforce mandatory penalties for a failure to acquire coverage. These laws were created to lower the probability of litigation associated with auto accidents. Auto owners who need to obtain an insurance policy in Tucson, AZ can visit Sitename for a free quote.

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