Bocce Ball is So Much Fun

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Sports And Games

Most people have never heard of bocce ball, the yard game straight from Europe that is sweeping the nation. It does not seem to make any sense that so few people will have heard of it because it is so much fun to play. After you finish learning about this sport, you will want to run out and buy yourself a court just to play all the time.

The origin of bocce ball is ancient Rome. The game is popular all over Europe but is making a real stride in the United States. Within a few short years, it has gone from a bygone sport of the ancients to an almost fad-like tidal wave around the world. The bocce ball trend is getting so popular in the States that there is a United State Bocce Ball Federation.

The easiest way to explain it to the uninitiated is that bocce ball is a little bit like pool and shuffle ball, with maybe a little dash of jacks or horseshoes in the mix, except in this case, the eight ball is placed first. Everyone tries to get as close to it as possible or to knock it into a more favorable position so that one of their teammates can get their next throw closer to it.

Bocce ball is so much fun to play, especially with large groups. Everyone takes their turn. The game can get exciting and heated as you play along. Those with a lot of skill will be able to get right next to the pallino without moving it. More vengeful players will knock their friends’ balls out of the way, rather than get a throw that would be further away. Everyone has a great time playing this super fun, new and trendy yard game.

A cool thing that is happening with bocce ball is that people are starting to build courts in their backyards. You do not have to have a very big backyard to get one. With just enough room, your home is the most fun on the block. It is so fun to be able to have the proper surface to play a game like this so you can invite all your friends over with the confidence that you have the equipment and environment necessary for a good time.

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