Benefits of Ketamine Depression Infusion Centers in Kansas City for Treatment-Resistant Depression

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Business

If you are one of many Americans that are suffering from treatment-resistant depression, you may feel that your options are limited and you will never find relief. Fortunately, there are new treatments in development, and treatment-resistant depression is an illness that generates a good deal of research. One of the newer, and most promising, treatments for depression that has failed to be alleviated by traditional methods is ketamine infusion.

What is Ketamine Infusion Treatment?

Ketamine infusion is an IV therapy where the patient receives ketamine therapy as a treatment for their depression. Ketamine works on the brain in a different way than traditional antidepressants. This means that even if you have tried a variety of different medications for your depression without success, ketamine can provide relief.

If you are looking for ketamine depression infusion centers in Kansas City and surrounding areas, it helps to know what to expect. Ketamine therapy is typically performed once a week. Some individuals notice an improvement in their symptoms after the first treatment, although for others it takes a few sessions to notice the effect.

It appears that the results from ketamine infusion continue to build after each session, so they not only improve depression symptoms, but individuals are able to maintain that improvement over time. Ketamine can also be used as a short-term aid to improve symptoms while the individual investigates other treatment options.

For individuals who have tried many different treatments for depression and have been unable to find something that works, or for those that typically have controlled depression but are experiencing a downtime, ketamine therapy may offer relief. If you are searching for ketamine depression infusion centers Kansas City and surrounding areas, contact IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Kansas City to discuss options for treatment and determine if this type of therapy may work for you.

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