Beginner’s Mini-Guide to Purchasing Commercial Char Broilers

by | Dec 25, 2019 | Restaurants

Why Choose a Charbroiler?

A charbroiler is an outdoor and indoor cooking method that cooks in a commercial establishment use to create a grilled style taste and give food a grilled look. They can easily give them the opportunity to create an almost authentic style of “grilled food”.

What Types of Cooking Can You Do with a Charbroiler?

Charbroilers can be used for both frying and grilling. Frying can be done in the same way that cooks would fry with a skillet on a commercial range. They can be used as a more advanced method of pan-frying. Direct cooking or direct grilling can create the grilled effect of charred lines of different meats, vegetables, fish, etc.

What Are the Different Types of Charbroilers?

1. Radiant or Gas-Powered

These charbroilers are higher output models. This is great for establishments needing to boil for long periods of time.

2. Infrared or Electric

This is best for those avoiding gas.

3. Lava Rock and Charcoal

This is a more affordable method for establishments that don’t use charbroilers that often.

What About Placement?

Commercial char broilers can come in both a countertop or a range version, depending on the needs of the establishment. Gas charbroilers that are built inside of the range might have a better capability of providing higher BTU’s. However, most heating methods can be in the range too.

There are also countertop models. These are best for tight quarters. Though they are small, they can last all day, just like the standard charbroilers.

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