Do you aspire to be a professional art historian? If so, then you’re probably searching for the right art history education program that will provide you with a foundation for a career in this field.

At SAIC, the Art History program involves coursework that will provide you with a deeper understanding of how art, culture, and history intertwine. It will also enable you to explore the rich world of expression. Whether you are looking to be an educator, museum director, gallery manager, historical researcher, curator, artist, or pursue another career in the field, this type of degree will set you on your path.

A Prestigious Chicago Art School

SAIC is connected with a major museum and is located in the heart of Chicago. Students gain the experience of a lifetime by receiving an education in modern and contemporary art and design within a city rich with history and diversity.

SAIC even offers a dual graduate degree in Modern and Contemporary Art History, Theory, and Criticism & Arts Administration and Policy. Acquiring this type of degree can offer an unparalleled opportunity and knowledge leading to success in many fields and institutions.

Enroll at SAIC

Are you wondering where you should enroll to achieve your MA in Art History? Visit the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Situated within a city filled with historic architecture, museums, libraries, cultural facilities, and more, you’ll learn more than you can imagine. Visit their website today.