Homeowners in Minneapolis may be reluctant to put marble or granite countertops in their bathrooms for fear of water damage and etching. Other common bathroom cleaners, beauty products, and even personal care products like lotions and hair products can create problems if marble and granite are not sealed.

A perfect solution to this problem is the choice of quartz countertops for bathrooms throughout your Minneapolis home. These countertops are a combination of up to 10% resin and 95% quartz, resulting in a durable countertop that combines the durability of resin with the beauty of natural stone.

An Introduction to Quartz

Quartz is a natural silicate mineral that is found in most rock types around the world. It is the second most abundant mineral, and it comes in a range of different colors and sizes. It can range from clear to orange, black, pink, white, and purple, and it can be dull, shiny, glassy, or waxy-looking in appearance.

To create vibrant and unique color options in quartz countertops, the small amount of resin used in the manufacturing of the countertop can be colored. This results in unique color options that could not be found in naturally occurring stone, including granite or marble.

Go Bright and Bold or Natural and Earthy

The small size of bathroom counters makes vibrant, bold, and dramatic options in quartz countertops a natural match. Striking black and white Carbone or the deep red of Ruby Reflections creates a one-of-a-kind look.

Natural colors such as brown, gray, white, tan, black, and cream are a perfect combination for a more restful, relaxing, spa-like bathroom. These are exceptional choices for combinations with dark or light cabinets, flooring, and walls.