Everybody makes mistakes. Considering how many drivers are on the road, how narrow roads are, and basic human nature, it’s easy to understand why people get involved in accidents or get charged with driving-related offenses. Check out these ways to deal with an insurance agency in Suffolk County, NY, if you haven’t got the brightest driving record.

The New York Automobile Insurance Plan

The NYAIP is the last resort for drivers with poor histories who have been routinely denied insurance. Although it’s often expensive, New York residents who are able to report low incomes may be able to secure inexpensive coverage through the Empire State’s NYAIP program.

You Can Decide Whether to File Claims

After accidents, drivers can choose whether to file claims with their insurance companies. While doing so is the only way to get insurers to cover damages, drivers with histories of claims are more likely to have higher premiums and deductibles alike. As such, unless your vehicle has been totaled or you otherwise absolutely cannot afford to avoid filing a claim, not filing claims is often the best idea.

Simply Waiting

Traffic violations fall off your driving record three years after the date of conviction in New York. Before shopping for a new policy, consider maintaining your current insurance policy until driving-related violations fall off of your record. This process can’t be sped up, though it’s a reliable means of saving money on car insurance if you’ve got a bad record.

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