Having a child with developmental issues can be difficult. Some children have a long-term diagnosis that requires several therapies, while other children may be delayed when hitting those important developmental milestones.

When a child has developmental issues, help from organizations such as AZEIP (Arizona Early Intervention Program) is invaluable. Having the help of an early intervention program can make a world of difference in the way that your child works towards those important milestones.

Early Intervention Services

Working with AZEIP is crucial to ensure that your child is making his or her way through those crucial milestones in development. That means utilizing services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, myofunctional therapy, ABA therapy, feeding therapy, and physical therapy.

The goal is to encourage and ensure that children continue to grow while also carrying over the skills that they learn in their individual therapy sessions. These therapies give them the building blocks that they need to continue development throughout the early stages of their lives.

A Variety of Classes

The best thing about a development program is that it can start with pre-K and extend through teen social groups. It also includes activities such as handwriting, messy play, fun with food, articulation groups, feeding therapy, physical activities, and so much more.

The goal is to ensure that your child has the developmental tools that he or she needs to grow and be successful later in life. Establish your child’s foundation early on and you will see the difference in their development before long.