Many municipalities only pick up items like old furniture a few times a year. They may not accept a range of items, such as appliances and TV sets. This is frustrating to area residents, some of whom are tempted to load everything into a pickup truck and dump it on rural land somewhere. A better solution is to hire a reasonably priced dumpster service in New Jersey.

Junk Removal

People may not want to hire a dumpster service in New Jersey just to unload a TV set and a worn-out couch. However, renting a container for waste removal offers the chance to get rid of all sorts of worthless junk in the home. Many dumpster rental companies allow customers to mix recyclables with junk so there is no sorting required. They do not accept things like food waste and hazardous materials.

Illegal Dumping Issues

Illegal dumping seems to be done by relatively few people, but it can have a large negative impact on the environment. It’s unsightly, and some materials pollute groundwater as they break down. If an old TV set is broken, lead and other toxic substances can spill out.

Depending on the jurisdiction, illegally dumping a large amount of waste or large objects may lead to a steep fine. There even could be a risk of jail time.

Chipping in Together

It’s possible that some neighbors might want to chip in for a dumpster and get rid of junk they have sitting around too. These containers can be rented from Christensen Recycling.