Autism Therapy in Miami FL is the starting point to a personalized treatment plan for a child with autism or other developmental disabilities. With this type of therapy, we observe your child and ask you questions about their strengths. We do not see children with disabilities as flawed people. We see them as individuals who deserve to have plenty of enjoyment and satisfaction. Following their strengths is an ideal pathway to helping children with developmental abilities set and achieve goals.

We create a customized therapy plan for each child. Family or caregiver involvement is key to this process. We teach family members and caregivers how to observe the child and report any behavioral changes. As a child grows, the developmental disability may change. This is apparent during the teenage years. When the child changes, we can update the treatment plan so that it is more effective at encouraging good behavior.

Our goal is to help children with developmental disabilities such as autism find joy and success in life. Even small successes, such as greeting a teacher, can be celebrated. Each small success in a child’s life adds up to happiness and satisfaction. We encourage the child to set their own goals, and we work as a team to help the child reach them. This type of therapy is typically ongoing through teenage years.

At A1A Behavioral Health, we look forward to helping any child with autism or other developmental disabilities lead a full and happy life. Our autism therapy in Miami FL puts the patient first. We focus on the child’s strengths in order to promote the desired behavior. Give us a call today in order to schedule a first visit with our therapists. You may also visit us online for additional details about us and our services.