An Auto Collision Center in Richmond, VA Can Make Your Car Like New After an Accident

by | May 24, 2019 | Automotive

No matter how good a driver you think you are, you are at risk of a car crash every day. While you are paying attention to the road and keeping your hands at “10 and 2,” other drivers are the problem. The aftermath of a collision can take weeks or months to recover from.

Even if you are not harmed physically, a car crash takes a toll emotionally. In addition, there are damages to your vehicle. Whether these are minor or your vehicle is totaled, repairs are costly and take time to complete. If this happens to you, take your vehicle to a full-service auto collision center in Richmond, VA, and get back on the road in no time.

Services to Look For

Some basic repair services include dent removal, windshield repair and replacement, and four-wheel alignment. If your car was all but totaled in the crash, restoration services are what you want. In this case, you want an auto collision center that provides frame straightening and unibody structural repair.

Restoring the Paint on Your Vehicle

No repair or restoration is complete until the vehicle’s paint job is restored. Check with the auto collision center that you are working with to see if they offer this service. Most full-service auto body shops have the technology to match the original paint. If not, you will need to pay extra for a new paint job to restore your car to pre-crash condition.

At, they use a Chromapremier Color Match System so that your car will look like new when it’s done. You can take your vehicle in for a free estimate and discuss the needed repairs. If you cannot drive your vehicle to them, they have a tow service that will pick it up and take it to their shop.

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