Bartenders command bars in profound ways. They’re counselors, leaders, educators, and more. If you want to be a bartender, a great career awaits, but you’ll need to have these traits.

Basic Drink Knowledge In order to wow a crowd as a bartender, you must learn the fundamentals. It starts with proper education, and it ends with on-the-job training. When it’s time to shine, you should know how to make the most common cocktails and unfamiliar drinks without any hesitation.

In addition to this, you’ll need to know how to make strategic recommendations for cocktails. For example, if someone orders a salty treat, you should be able to pair it with a proper drink.

The Ability to Manage Clutter A clean bar is a functional bar, and it’s the key to sales. No one will want to order a drink in a bar that has dirty counters, stools, and drinkware. If you’re clean, tactical, and well-organized, you have what to takes to be a bartender who lands gigs.

A High Level of Customer Service Good customer service is what bartending is all about. If you land a gig, you’ll need to know how to:

  • Deal with complicated customers
  • Manage chaos when there are problems in the bar
  • Help customers find the right drink
  • Be polite when someone asks for a refund

Getting Started – The Path to Great Gigs

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